Focus. Flexibility. Resilience. 

These are just a few of the benefits of a yoga practice--benefits a company can offer its employees through weekly yoga classes.

Myriad studies have demonstrated that yoga can change our physiological response to stress, shifting us out of the panicked "fight or flight" mode (think shortness of breath, racing heart, and high blood pressure) and into a more relaxed state in which our nervous systems are better regulated, allowing us to respond calmly and effectively.

Joanna believes that in New York City, there is no place better to enact this transformation than at work. Yoga is a tool that can turn high-pressure corporate environments into places where challenges are met with energy and creative thinking. When urgent deadlines make going to a yoga studio or the gym impossible, corporate yoga maximizes employees' time, allowing them to hit reset even when the day is far from over. 

Corporate yoga classes also offer an opportunity for employees to connect casually, and Joanna has seen the positive impact a yoga offering can make on office morale and esprit de corps. 

Joanna has worked in publishing and currently works part-time for a nonprofit in addition to teaching yoga and meditation. She understands that yoga jargon and the sort of vague, new-age spirituality that is sometimes tossed around in yoga studios can be alienating to many busy New Yorkers, who are looking for a workout and some relaxation, not a lecture. While yoga is, in Joanna's opinion, far more beneficial than a typical exercise class, she keeps it simple, teaching classes that build strength and flexibility, with focus on the breath and present-moment awareness. 

Joanna also teaches meditation in the workplace, as well as combined yoga and meditation classes, and is happy to consult on setting up a meditation class or group at your place of work. 

"Joanna has taught our office twice a week for going on two years. Through practice with Joanna, I've seen a tremendous impact on all areas of my life. I am better able to focus, to be present, and listen to my mind and body. Joanna is attentive and always open to alter practice to meet [our] needs, so that we can get the most out of a session." --Manager at Carrot Creative, a digital agency 

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